The Ask


Lil Xan is an American rapper singer, and songwriter from Redlands California. He is most known for his song "Betrayed," which was certified platinum by the RIAA and peaked at #64 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Using the song provided, create an eye-catching cover art that serves as a strong visual representation for the song "Baby You Love Me" by Lil Xan. 

What I Made


Baby You Love Me cover art.jpg
BYLM iphone mockup.png

The Why


When I first heard "Baby You Love Me," it made me think of a wide-open field with blue skies and a single tree. I wanted the cover to incorporate the theme of love, so I made the single tree in the shape of a heart. I added the big clouds and blue sky to create a nice contrast with the red field and tree, then added lightning striking the tree to symbolize the connection and passionate energy the song produces.



Brad Smith - Design & Art Direction

Kinfolk Jon - Project Coordinator and DJ for Lil Xan



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