The Ask


$teven Cannon is an American rapper from Ohio who has garnered millions of streams on multiple songs such as "Inxanity," "Crash The Whip," and "I Might," which features Lil Xan, YBN Nahmir, and YBN Almighty Jay. For his Valentines-themed birthday party, create a luxurious and love-themed flyer that incorporates $teven Cannon and screams luxurious Valentine's Day birthday party. 

What I Made



The Why


I wanted this flyer to look like a stationary invitation, and with a background of red roses, I laid my card stock on top. I tired to keep the information and layout simplistic but also capitalize on those elements as much as I can. For the headline text, I used a realistic party balloon letter font that has a matching light reflection with the drawn heart on the card. My biggest challenge with this project was working with the headline text to get it exactly how I wanted it to look. 



Brad Smith - Design & Art Direction

$teven Cannon - Artist and Client



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