The Ask


Foshay Home Solutions is a new company specializing in small home renovations for the average consumer who wants to take on small home renovation projects, but doesn't have the time or knowledge to jump through all the hoops. For this project, create a simple and stylish logo that works for a female-owned home solutions company that exists in a male-dominanted field. 

What I Made


The Why


Males own most home solution companies, and their logos tend to convey bold, dominant, and powerful qualities associated with their businesses. The biggest challenge with this project was creating a logo that incorporates feminine/non-masculine qualities without having them completely define the brand. How do you make a logo that represents female business ownership without using femininity as a crutch?

My solution to the problem was primarily solved through the typeface. Most home solution companies use thick bold serif fonts that appear strong and powerful. I wanted to incorporate these same qualities in a less rugged and bold typeface, so it associates better with female business ownership. I chose Big Caslon to be the primary font for the letters because of its elegance, and its balance of bold and thin lines. I think this typeface keeps the same power and boldness as other logos in the home solutions industry, but also has a sense of class and sophistication that's more fitting to represent a female-owned business. To further show the strength and power of the typeface, I had the letters be the structures that hold up the roof of the house. 



Brad Smith - Design & Art Direction

Jackie McGlynn - Client and Founder of FHS



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