The Ask


$teven Cannon is an American rapper from Ohio who has garnered millions of streams on multiple songs such as "Inxanity," "Crash The Whip," and "I Might," which features Lil Xan, YBN Nahmir, and YBN Almighty Jay. For his Halloween-themed party, create a spooky flyer that incorporates $teven Cannon and screams Halloween. 

What I Made


Fright Fest Concept 2.jpg

The Why


After being supplied the photo of $teven in the orange sweatshirt, I wanted to add layers in front and behind him to create depth and layering. For the backdrop, I chose a creepy mansion with lightning striking all around. To generate more layering and open space for the informational copy, I added a forest of trees. This layering starts with an old mansion in the woods, then I added trees, lightning and snow falling, then added trees to reinforce the forestry setting. I added an old wooden sign to display more significant information and contribute to the overall theme of the flyer.



Brad Smith - Design & Art Direction

$teven Cannon - Artist and Client



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