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Kevin Gates is a multi-platinum rapper, singer, and entrepreneur known for songs such as "2 Phones," "Really Really," and many more. Create a primary flyer with matching individual show flyers to promote Kevin Gates' Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Los Angeles charity drive concerts. Also, create a free t-shirt voucher ticket for concertgoers who bring food to donate at the shows. The tickets will be printable to buyers and can be redeemed at any of the events.

What I Made



The Why


My biggest challenge with these designs was trying to cram a lot of information on a flyer while maintaining simplicity. I wanted to incorporate the font and lines from his logo (used as the main header) into other sections of the flyers. I continued this theme by creating a rectangular stroke around the text on the bottom that connect back to his website at the bottom. Being that there is a lot of text on the flyer, I wanted to create as much open space in the background image as I could so it wouldn't get too cluttered. I wanted the flyer to highlight Kevin Gates and his event, but also equally highlight the charities involved with each show, so they didn't just look like sponsorship logos, but rather something that is a core element of the show itself. 



Brad Smith - Design & Art Direction

Caroline Jensen - Project Manager and Music Marketer at Artist Publishing Group



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