The Ask


Prznt is a 21-year-old up and coming hip hop artist from Fort Meyers, Florida, who has garnered millions of streams on multiple songs from fans all over the world. Create a pitch deck that lays out Prznt's artist information, such as personal bio, streaming platform statistics from his Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and SoundCloud, press, and contact information. This deck will be used to showcase Prznt to labels, press, show promoters, investors, and other business professionals.

What I Made


The Why


My biggest goal with the design of this pitch deck was striking a balance showcasing the info and showcasing Prznt as the artist. I thought the best way to showcase the data of Prznt's music numbers by using the actual graphs and visuals provided by each streaming platform's analytics. I took screenshots from each platforms' analytics for Prznt and rearranged them to fit into each slide of the pitch deck. This made the information and graphics as authentic as possible while also displaying the information elegantly and with the theme of the platform it's representing. 



Attracted multiple offers/deals from high profile music labels

Used to gain over $20,000 in investments



Brad Smith - Design & Art Direction

Eitan Schorr - Client and Manager for Prznt



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