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Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a fraternity at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. To help promote their upcoming 2020 Spring Rush, create a series of greek-life themed t-shirt designs going along with the themes of 80's throwback, alcohol brand logo parody, and 90's Polo.

What I Made


The Why


For the 80's design, I created a collage of pastel-colored shapes in the theme of old-school 80's neon shape art. For the type, I chose an 80's-style hand-drawn font and paired it with a bold sans-serif typeface. The biggest challenge I had with this design was finding the right balance of shapes, patterns, and colors to recreate that 80's aesthetic.

For the alcohol parody design, I chose to do a variation of the Crown Royale logo, but with replaced text on the bottom, left, and right of the primary logo. For the bottom text, I chose a typeface that closely resembles the original Crown Royale font. I also matched the gold color on the type with the gold in the logo's crown.

For the Polo bear design, I found two images of Polo cartoon bears. I changed the colors of their clothes, as well as putting the Sigma Alpha Epsilon symbol on the bears' shirt and the founding date of the fraternity on the basketball. With these two bears, I placed them standing on either side of a table on a grassy lawn, which fades into the background of the shirt.



Brad Smith - Design & Art Direction

Zach (Beez) - Client and SAE fraternity member



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